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 M Investigation Agency

The agency M.I.A. is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was founded after obtaining a private detective (operating agent) certificate which was issued by the Eyesberg Institute in Geneva.


Because of his previous professional background, its founder can ensure a high level of discretion, confidenceaccuracy and professionalism.

- Intelligence

- Military Police

- Civilian Police

- United Nations Police

- Many years in military and police operations abroad

- Demining supervisor and explosive ordnance disposal specialist

- Private security


Our partners (both men and women) are all authorised to act as private detectives by the Security and Economic Department, State Council of Geneva. They undergo a thorough operating agent training scheme in addition to their own personal professional backgrounds.

M.I.A. is allied with internationally recognised partners and closely collaborates with them.

We apply technics that have proved to be effective for several years but we are constantly evolving, looking for the most suitable means, according to the mandate.

We investigate locally and internationally.

Authorisation to practise


What does it mean...


In Switzerland, there is no federal regulation governing the activity of a private detective. There is no supervision and no school is officially recognised.  Therefore, there are a large number of individuals who carry out investigations without the appropriate background, have no correct training, and no ethics. Thes do not have the necessary knowledges to carry out an investigation properly.

In Swiss Romande, only the cantons of Geneva and Neuchatel set limits to private investigation exercises. These cantons issue a compulsory license to practice on their territory. All our investigators and partners are authorised by the Department of Security and Economy, State Council of the Canton of Geneva.


But does this license guarantee :

- An examination of his/her personal background

- A check for criminal records

- A check of good moral conduct

- A check into full exercice of civil rights

- An inquiry into possible cases of prosecution, debts and property defaults

The private detective licence can be withdrawn in case of offensive behavior, crime, abuse,  or non-respect of the law.



Bearing in mind the importance of our clients mandates, we are available 24/7.


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