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Whether it is a spouse, a husband, a child, or a loved one, we sometimes face uncertainty. It is essential to know in which area a person has problems so that the most efficient help and support may be given. This is why it is necessary to clearly identify the source of the problem. It could concern illegal activities, drug abuse, undesirable acquaintances,... we carry out our investigations to give you the best means to take the necessary action.

We also make inquiries into the whereabouts of people who have not been seen for a long time.

M.I.A. guarantees you the utmost confidentiality from the initial contact.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services offered by our agency. These are examples and M.I.A. will examine all requests in order to set up the most efficient tactic of investigation.




 Missing person

 Home address

 Different types of evidence

 Searches for material goods and estate

 Heirs and descendants




 Reassessment of alimony

 Undesirable acquaintances

 Drugs abuse

 Time schedule verification

 Criminal activities



Every request has its own particularities. Because of this, an assessment of the needs and ressources required for the mission will be established before the mandate.

Upon completion of analysis, you will receive an hourly rate or flat rate quotation.

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