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Today, companies are constantly subjected to various threats, internally as well as externally, so it is crucial to protect them by being sure of the integrity of employees and business partners. Where there is any doubt, requesting a professional investigator is essential.

M.I.A. guarantees you the utmost confidentiality starting from the first contact.


 CV in-depth analysis

 Investigation before an association

 Credit scoring analysis

 Morality and ethic

 Search for debtors

Company internal investigation

 Theft or other offense

Place of residence, home location

 Address check

 Investigation before hiring staff

 Search for account holder

 Search for heirs

 Search and locating assets

 Frauds, scams,...

 Evidences in court


 General investigation to a company

 Mystery shopper


 Violation of contractual clauses

• Unfair competition

• Insurance fraud

Dependance suspicion

• Respect of exclusivity clause

• Time schedule verification

• Abusive absenteeism check

• Information leak



Every request has its own particularities. Because of that, an assessment of the needs and ressources required for the mission will be established before the mandate.

Upon completion of analysis, you will receive a hour rate or flat rate quotation.

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